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Upon its inception by Ms. Zohra in 2015, Bami Star International Transit and Forwarding Limited, was among the few, or perhaps none other Woman-owned company in Afghanistan that is engaged in the business of modern freight and logistics. In its journey of five years, it has become a full-service transportation and logistics company with freight management and contract logistics operations, and has three new sister companies, forming Bami Star Group. A key element of our business strategy has been the growth of our business through acquisitions and strategic investments and divestitures which formed today’s Bami Star Group. Thanks to the possessed marketing acumen, outstanding products and services offered, Bami Star Group was selected as the sole supplier of Petroleum Products Supplier, with responsibilities of sourcing, procurement, logistics and supply chain management service provider in 2015. Under the contract with CEFE Group, Bami Star Group has procured, transported and delivered more than 100,000 tons of Fuel across Afghanistan in many locations through 2015-2017. It has established the company among the largest Oil and Gas companies in Afghanistan and offered expansion and long-term prestigious relations with Oil and Gas industry in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Europe. Furthermore, it provided us with stronger abilities and resources to further purchase, sell and coordinate delivery of fuel and related services to our customers.

Who Are We?

Bami Star Group founded and run by Mrs. Zohra since its inception in 2015. It is a women-owned group of companies, which is consisted of a variety of companies providing procurement, Logistics, Transportation, Oil and Gas Supply and Services, Foodstuff Supply, and Project Management Services on a global basis. We are an integrated solutions provider for our clients in a diverse set of industries worldwide including oil and gas, Food Stuff, Vehicle Management, mining and metals, transportation, power, life sciences and advanced manufacturing.

Why choose us?

Punctual Delivery Time

We are dedicated to provide services with punctual delivery time assuring quality in the services and supplies that we offer.

Ethical Business

We assure to be ethical in each step that we take in the business that we do. At Bami, we adopt this as a culture with the all the personnel from the labor to the top management.

Customer Care

Customer satisfaction takes a great part of our sucess in the business and caring for the customers we believe that we care for our future.



We are a leading regional fuel services company engaged in the sourcing, procurement, transportation, and logistics of Fuel and Petroleum Products from Europe, Middle East, Russian and Central Asia to Afghanistan, primarily and to other potential markets in general.

We operate in two segments consisting of aviation and Ground fuel to commercial and government customers. We supply products and services to U.S. and foreign government and military customers, such as the United States Armed Forces, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (“NATO”) and the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency through their Prime Contractors such as CEFE Group International, (collectively, “government customers”). Our Oil and Gas Business has benefited from continued strong sales to Government customers in Afghanistan, which account for a material portion of our aviation segment’s profitability. During 2015-2020, we have delivered more than 100,000 metric tons of fuel to Government customers.

Aviation Fuel Services

We have developed an extensive network, consisting of on-airport fueling operations and third‑party suppliers and service providers that enable us to provide aviation fuel and related services throughout Afghanistan, Central and South Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America.

Ground Fuel Services

In our land segment, we primarily offer fuel, heating oil, propane, natural gas, lubricants and related products and services to petroleum distributors operating in the land transportation market, retail petroleum operators, and industrial, commercial, residential and government customers.

Fuel Logistics

Bami Star Group is among largest provider of contract logistics, transit cargo Solutions and Services providers in Southeast and Central Asia. We have deep expertise in key verticals and strong positions in fast-growing sectors.


Bami Star Group is among the leading Vehicle Trading and Management Companies in Afghanistan. There is a general pattern of growth in vehicle use across the developing world. While in 1990, only one fifth of all kilometers driven were in developing countries, by 2030 it is estimated that this share will have risen to one half. Much of this growth in developing countries (generally) and in Afghanistan (specifically) is fed by second-hand cars, which are within the reach of those who cannot afford a new vehicle. The availability of affordable second-hand vehicles is important for livelihoods and economic growth across the developing world. Many Afghans rely on vehicles to make a living through offering private transport services in taxis, private vans, minibuses and buses, and trucks.

Brandnew Vehicles

We offer brandnew vehicles with all segments and offer the best solutions to our clients.

Used Vehicles

On order we trade used vehicles sourcing them from the other countries. 

Spare Parts

We offer spare parts solutions for our clients with all brands. 


Primarily we are in transportation business of brokerage and logistic services such as transportation scheduling, routing and other value-added services related to the transportation of automobiles and other freight. Our Transportation business includes our services for truck brokerage and truckload; less-than-truckload (“LTL”); last mile; intermodal and drayage; expedite; managed transportation; and global forwarding. We use a blended model of owned, contracted and brokered capacity for over-the-road transportation. This gives us extensive flexibility in providing optimal solutions.

Dry Bulk

We provide the support and the equioment to transport most commonly traded commodities such as paper, white-goods and scrap metals as well as other cargoes which requires intensive care.

Food Grade

Bami is a specialist firm who take the takes the transport of your food grade cargo seriously.  We offer food grade trailers and all kind of vehicles.


Bami offers an unrivalled level of customer care with a great significance in the transport of potentially hazardous cargoes, such as chemicals.


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